Covid-19 Trends in the Netherlands

Two weeks ago, I made a visualization that shows how Covid-19 cases spread in the Netherlands from the beginning of March and how grim the situation looks. However, someone pointed out to the fact that the number of tests has increased significantly. It means that my plot may exaggerate the Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, I could not find testing data for each Dutch municipality. Instead, I decided to use hospitalization admission and deceased cases to see if we can indeed see a massive spread in the second wave of Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands.

How Easy Is It to Understand What Donald Trump Says?

Aside from their political differences, Donald Trump and Barack Obama have very contrasting personalities, traits and characters. Obama is known to be a great communicator and an articulate speaker whose speeches are used in English classes to show how one should speak proper English. On the other hand, Trump is not the most eloquent English speaker or US president in history. Every now and then, you can find a clip on the web where Donald Trump is being mocked for the way he speaks or mispronounces words.

Which Presidential Debate Was More Chaotic?

Many people watched the first Presidential Debate between Biden and Trump and thought that this debate was chaotic, full of vulgar language, interruptions, and in a word, really ugly! Some people even consider this debate as the worst debate in the modern history of US Presidential Elections! Four years ago, Trump was also a presidential candidate and ran against Hillary Clinton. The Presidential Debates in 2016 were not exceptionally friendly or civilized.

The Happiest, Saddest, Most Energetic and Most Popular Persian Singers on Spotify

Introduction I am a music lover, and like my other hobbies, I am really interested in applying data science methods to it. A few months ago, I participated in the third week of the TidyTuesday project, where I made a map of Spotify songs based on audio features and a dimensionality reduction algorithm called UMAP. Since then, I have been using Spotify’s Web API to collect data, and recently, I decided to look at some of my favorite Iranian artists and their songs on Spotify.

The Map of Spotify Songs

In the 4th week of the Tidy Tuesday project, a very interesting and fun dataset was proposed to the data science community. The dataset contains information about thousands of songs on Spotify’s platform and along with their metadata and audio features. You can download the dataset can using the following piece of code. 4th week of the Tidy Tuesday project spotify_songs <- readr::read_csv('') head(spotify_songs) ## # A tibble: 6 x 23 ## track_id track_name track_artist track_popularity track_album_id ## <chr> <chr> <chr> <dbl> <chr> ## 1 6f807x0~ I Don't C~ Ed Sheeran 66 2oCs0DGTsRO98~ ## 2 0r7CVbZ~ Memories ~ Maroon 5 67 63rPSO264uRjW~ ## 3 1z1Hg7V~ All the T~ Zara Larsson 70 1HoSmj2eLcsrR~ ## 4 75Fpbth~ Call You ~ The Chainsm~ 60 1nqYsOef1yKKu~ ## 5 1e8PAfc~ Someone Y~ Lewis Capal~ 69 7m7vv9wlQ4i0L~ ## 6 7fvUMiy~ Beautiful~ Ed Sheeran 67 2yiy9cd2QktrN~ ## # .