Python Packages

Textures Textures (Text Features) is a python library that allows you to extract useful statistics and features from text data, find common patterns from text input and clean your text data without searching for regular expressions on the Web. This library is heavily inspired by the awesome textfeatures R package developed by Michael W. Kearney palmerpenguins The Palmer penguins dataset by Allison Horst, Alison Hill, and Kristen Gorman was first made publicly available as an R package.

R Packages

Delgosha Delgosha is an opinionated package which aims to provide a collection of ggplot2 themes for RTL languages (mostly Persian). img 1[] ### Dadegan Dadegan is a simple package which contains a handful of useful Persian datasets.

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Tidy Tuesday Submissions

For six years, I used python exclusively as the primary tool for carrying out my data science tasks and running my experiments. Recently, I have started using Tidyverse packages and tools in R for my data science activities. I am completely fascinated by how these tools make it easy for me to perform analysis and create nice visualization. Since then, I have tried to participate in the weekly Tidy Tuesday project.