How Easy Is It to Understand What Donald Trump Says?

Aside from their political differences, Donald Trump and Barack Obama have very contrasting personalities, traits and characters. Obama is known to be a great communicator and an articulate speaker whose speeches are used in English classes to show how one should speak proper English. On the other hand, Trump is not the most eloquent English speaker or US president in history. Every now and then, you can find a clip on the web where Donald Trump is being mocked for the way he speaks or mispronounces words.

Python Packages

Textures Textures (Text Features) is a python library that allows you to extract useful statistics and features from text data, find common patterns from text input and clean your text data without searching for regular expressions on the Web. This library is heavily inspired by the awesome textfeatures R package developed by Michael W. Kearney palmerpenguins The Palmer penguins dataset by Allison Horst, Alison Hill, and Kristen Gorman was first made publicly available as an R package.

Analyzing the 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates - Part 2

1. Introduction Many of us could not watch every 2020 Democratic Primary debate. It was important for some of us to know what happened during the debates. In my case, I was reading about what happened in debates in some online newspapers, or I watched a highlight of a debate on Youtube the next day. However, they only give a summary of a debate or just broadcast a portion of debates that includes a heated exchange of opinions between candidates.

Going Back to the Roots! How Much Influence Did Arabic Have on Persian Literature?

Since the conquest of Persia (now Iran) by the Muslim forces in the 7th century, Arabic culture and language have had an enormous influence on Iran and Iranians. Although Iran had never fully adapted Arabic as its primary language, the new Persian (Farsi) language is a mix of Arabic and the old Persian (Pahlavi) and almost uses the same alphabet for writing. Also, in some parts of Iran, Arabic is the daily-life language.